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nephew + cousin


This word was inspired by the birth of my most beautiful little baby cousin, who is fathered by one of my most favourite cousins. We grew up together. He is a part of my personality.  He and his brother are two of the most important people in the world to me. He is basically a brother to me; therefore, his son is my nephew. Full stop… except most people know I’m an only child, so I have to make it clear that my mother hasn’t miraculously given birth to a child who has even more miraculously given birth to/fathered another child.  HENCE: Nephousin.



  • Did I really just write that paragraph above?
  • Are familial labels relevant at all anymore?


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anticipation + date


You know when you don’t really give yourself enough time to miss someone, and seeing them becomes part of your routine, and it’s still really really lovely, but there’s no burning desire to see them?  This word is the opposite of that. … Sort of.  This word is when you have a date that’s far enough in the future that you can look forward to seeing a person.  The point of an anticidate is to prevent anxiety and obsession. Instead, it allows you to free your mind from the person until said date occurs.



  • How much time is necessary / optimal between anticidates?
  • Does that time decrease or increase as you’ve been dating someone longer?
  • Can this concept be applied to casual friendships too?


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hungry + angry

(alternatively: hanger: hunger + anger)


This word was inspired by many many many people who get a wee bit testy when their metabolism has metabolized all the food in their bellies and they want  (need) some more.  I get this issue too, but it seems to be an affliction that is slightly more prominent among the men in my life.  I love you guys, but keep a granola bar in your pocket or something.  rrrawwwr.



  • Is hunger an acceptable excuse for anger?
  • If your stomach is growling, have you already reached the point of hanger?