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(pron: reel-shun-ship)

real + relationship


The ‘real’ in realtionship is meant to be sarcastic. Or ironic. Or just comical. But certainly not TRUTH.

This word creation is based upon a simple typo in a g-chat conversation (where most good thoughts/words/brilliances occur), and followed the word ‘stupid.’  The fact that I am a diligent editor, but that this was misspelled is probably the greatest indication about how I feel about relationships at this moment.

There’s been lots of writing about this generation’s incapacity to participate in relationships, due mostly to our tendency to ‘hang out’ (ie. get it on) with our co-crushers rather than engage in any form of real courtship or commitment. While those in a relationship go on weekend getaways to Niagara and shop at Ikea to pick out the piece of furniture which will incite a ‘spat’ (NOT a fight, obvi!), realtionshippers barely make plans for the next weekend.  They DO know, however, that their co-realtionshipper is definitely the person they want to share that duvet with to cover their head/eyes/existence during those terribly glorious hangovers where they can ‘hang out’ until it’s time to get caffeinated .



  • I’m pretty sure most relationships start as realtionships and is that really a problem?
  • Aside from Facebook status, what other indicators do we have that we’re in a relationship rather than a realtionship?

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