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(pron: reel-shun-ship)

real + relationship


The ‘real’ in realtionship is meant to be sarcastic. Or ironic. Or just comical. But certainly not TRUTH.

This word creation is based upon a simple typo in a g-chat conversation (where most good thoughts/words/brilliances occur), and followed the word ‘stupid.’  The fact that I am a diligent editor, but that this was misspelled is probably the greatest indication about how I feel about relationships at this moment.

There’s been lots of writing about this generation’s incapacity to participate in relationships, due mostly to our tendency to ‘hang out’ (ie. get it on) with our co-crushers rather than engage in any form of real courtship or commitment. While those in a relationship go on weekend getaways to Niagara and shop at Ikea to pick out the piece of furniture which will incite a ‘spat’ (NOT a fight, obvi!), realtionshippers barely make plans for the next weekend.  They DO know, however, that their co-realtionshipper is definitely the person they want to share that duvet with to cover their head/eyes/existence during those terribly glorious hangovers where they can ‘hang out’ until it’s time to get caffeinated .



  • I’m pretty sure most relationships start as realtionships and is that really a problem?
  • Aside from Facebook status, what other indicators do we have that we’re in a relationship rather than a realtionship?


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slow + socialism


Modeled on the success of the Slow Food trend, the slowcialism movement is based on the premise that “slow returns on investment aid economic digestion and ensure that benefits are spread properly through the system.”

The linked article gives a bulleted list of how to participate in the movement in really simple ways, including buying second-hand clothing, shopping at shops in your ‘hood, repairing instead of replacing, and devoting a portion of your grocery budget to sustainable and local food sources.



  • I’m pretty sure I’m a slowcialist, and I’m pretty sure it’s easy to be one, so why aren’t more people following in my footsteps?
  • There are approximately a million and six books about the Slow Food movement that capitalize on the tendency of twenty, thirty, and forty-something-year-olds to participate in acts that make them feel like they are making a difference, while still consuming WAY TOO MUCH food and buying WAY TOO MANY kitchen-stuff-things.  Will the Slow Money movement encourage the same style of excess?




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nephew + cousin


This word was inspired by the birth of my most beautiful little baby cousin, who is fathered by one of my most favourite cousins. We grew up together. He is a part of my personality.  He and his brother are two of the most important people in the world to me. He is basically a brother to me; therefore, his son is my nephew. Full stop… except most people know I’m an only child, so I have to make it clear that my mother hasn’t miraculously given birth to a child who has even more miraculously given birth to/fathered another child.  HENCE: Nephousin.



  • Did I really just write that paragraph above?
  • Are familial labels relevant at all anymore?


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anticipation + date


You know when you don’t really give yourself enough time to miss someone, and seeing them becomes part of your routine, and it’s still really really lovely, but there’s no burning desire to see them?  This word is the opposite of that. … Sort of.  This word is when you have a date that’s far enough in the future that you can look forward to seeing a person.  The point of an anticidate is to prevent anxiety and obsession. Instead, it allows you to free your mind from the person until said date occurs.



  • How much time is necessary / optimal between anticidates?
  • Does that time decrease or increase as you’ve been dating someone longer?
  • Can this concept be applied to casual friendships too?


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hungry + angry

(alternatively: hanger: hunger + anger)


This word was inspired by many many many people who get a wee bit testy when their metabolism has metabolized all the food in their bellies and they want  (need) some more.  I get this issue too, but it seems to be an affliction that is slightly more prominent among the men in my life.  I love you guys, but keep a granola bar in your pocket or something.  rrrawwwr.



  • Is hunger an acceptable excuse for anger?
  • If your stomach is growling, have you already reached the point of hanger?


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van + lamborghini


This word was reignited in our memory during a delicious indian patio meal with AI and IF.  It was a reference to IF’s late pimped-out van, and brought up much nostalgia for those friends.  Remember back in the day when all our parents had vans, and it was SO nerdy to drive it, but still kind of cool because at least you had a vehicle?  I miss my mom’s Safari.  That beast took us so many lovely places.



  • Is it ironic to combine words that are so opposite?
  • What other car/auto combos can there be for awesome related words to vanborghini?


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entertainment + distraction

[alternatively: DISTERTAINMENT]


This word came up in a fun afternoon hangout with my friend PB.   He frequently comments on the fact that hanging out with me is like hanging out with a 4 year old because I’m so easily distracted.  I profoundly made the point that it’s not like I’m not paying attention, it’s that distractions become my entertainment, and my entertainment becomes my distraction, and before I know it, I’ve moved on to the second, third, fifteenth connection in my brain.



  • Is it possible that ADD is really just people giving in to Enterstraction?
  • What is your most favourite form of distertainment? Perhaps it is procrasturbation?
  • How can you bring up Enterstraction in daily conversation?


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procrastination + masturbation


I  first wrote about this word in this post on Little Bites, but it is still one of my most favourite portmanteaus.  I credit the word to Kate Carraway, one of my favourite writers, and an avid user of multiple made-up, delightful words and phrases. I dedicate this first real post to the creation of awesome portmanteaus and to the carrying on of such words like myths.



  • Has this activity ever caused you to be late for work?
  • Has this activity ever prevented you from attending an event?
  • How can you bring up this word in daily conversation?

Portmanteau! Oh? OH! PortmantOH!

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A dear friend of mine used to relish in existence of sexy, nerdy, juicy words.  REAL words.  The kind of words that give you little goose bumps on your neck when people use them correctly.  They will make guest appearances on this blog, but it will be mostly devoted to the kind of words that most people feel pretty damn split on; portmanteaus.

portmanteau: blend: a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings; “`smog’ is a blend of `smoke’ and `fog'”; “`motel’ is a portmanteau word made by combining `motor’ and `hotel'”; “`brunch’ is a well-known portmanteau

You hear teenagers drop them in conversations and read them in their status updates and text messages.

You see a certain phone company pump them out in obnoxious fluorescent bus ads.

You say them yourself without even realizing they are coming out of your mouth.

Portmanteaus have become omnipresent and personally, I LOVE THEM.  So this blog is devoted to you, portmanteaus.  I find you ridicu-awesome.