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slow + socialism


Modeled on the success of the Slow Food trend, the slowcialism movement is based on the premise that “slow returns on investment aid economic digestion and ensure that benefits are spread properly through the system.”

The linked article gives a bulleted list of how to participate in the movement in really simple ways, including buying second-hand clothing, shopping at shops in your ‘hood, repairing instead of replacing, and devoting a portion of your grocery budget to sustainable and local food sources.



  • I’m pretty sure I’m a slowcialist, and I’m pretty sure it’s easy to be one, so why aren’t more people following in my footsteps?
  • There are approximately a million and six books about the Slow Food movement that capitalize on the tendency of twenty, thirty, and forty-something-year-olds to participate in acts that make them feel like they are making a difference, while still consuming WAY TOO MUCH food and buying WAY TOO MANY kitchen-stuff-things.  Will the Slow Money movement encourage the same style of excess?